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Here is a listing of our Information & Policies for To The Pointe Dance Company.   We hope this will answer questions for you; however, if you have additional questions please feel free to contact us.

  • Class Dress Code & Supplies
    Proper dance attire is required for all classes.   If you have any questions, please discuss with your dance/tumbling instructor.   Check in our dancewear store for shoe list for each class.
    Combo Classes
    Hip Hop Classes
    Modern/Contemporary Classes
    Lyrical Classes
    Liturgical Classes
    Technique/Pilates Classes
    Ballet/Pointe Classes
    Competition Classes
    Tumbling Classes

    All students must have hair pulled away from the face & neck.
    Check in our store for a listing of shoes required for each class.  Sometimes shoe types/color vary from year to year.  We want to make sure you have the required shoes for class.   If you have dance shoes from the prior year, we encourage you to use these to begin the year with.  Before purchasing replacement shoes, please check the store for the required shoes for class.
    Students in dance classes age 7 & up, need to purchase a spiral ring or composition notebook for class.  Your dancer should bring this notebook to class each week.   Each dancer will keep track of her ballet vocabulary in this notebook. 

  • Student Class Placement
    1)    Students must sign up for dance class(es) based upon the student's age.  A student may select a dance class in a younger age group, but may not choose a class in an older age group.  The instructor/director has the final say as to which class(es) students are placed in.
    2)    Ballet, technique & tumbling classes are based on levels.  Levels are based on skill set & not age.   Instructor/director will refer the student as to which level to register for.

  • Classes/Schedule Changes
    1)    New/Existing Student:   Paying registration fee & signing up for at least one class constitutes enrolling in class(es).  Your class(es) schedule is set at time of enrollment.
    2)    Class Changes:    A student may drop &/or add class(es) depending on availability.  Class changes will not be allowed after December 31st for dance classes to ensure proper costume orders & recital positions.   Private lessons may be required for late registrants (who wish to participate in recital); this will be at the instructor's/director's discretion.   Cost of private lessons will be the responsibility of the parent.   Scheduling of private lessons, will be at the convenience of the instructor.
    3)    Withdrawals:    A student wishing to drop all of their class(es) is considered to be withdrawing from the studio.   Parents are required to give a 30-day written notice & are responsible for 30 days tuition.   A student not showing up for class(es) does not constitute a withdrawal.  All registration fees are non-refundable & can not be re-applied in any way.  If a student withdraws from the studio, another registration fee will be required to re-enroll the student at a later date (including in the same year).
    4)    Observation of classes is not allowed, as it distracts the students, and limits the amount of progress attained in each class.   There is one (1) visitor's week scheduled for the dance year for dance classes only.   No visitor's week is scheduled for tumbling.   Please be courteous & observe these rules.   Please do not open doors to the dance rooms while classes are in progress.   Also because of the open tumbling area, please remain in the lobby provided.   Please do not disrupt the tumbling area as instructor's are focusing their attention on their students.

  • Registration/Tuition/Billing Info
    1)    Registration:    Registration for class(es) is required when enrolling for class(es).   This reserves your child a position in that class(es) that you are signing up for.   Registration Fee is non-refundable & non-transferrable.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  If a student withdraws from the studio (See definition of withdrawals above)  the student must pay another registration fee to re-enroll.
    2)    Tuition:    Tuition is figured on an annual basis & divided into equal monthly payments.  It is based upon the number of hours of class time a student takes class per week.   Annual tuition basis is figured for the dance/tumbling year (August (first day of fall schedule)  to   June (recital/yr end program).   The majority of months have four class lessons during the month; however, other months have three or sometimes five class lessons.   Tuition remains the same regardless of number of classes per month.   No refunds or credits for missed classes.   Classes missed due to inclement weather or sickness are not made up.   (Exception:   Competition students must adhere to contract you are required to sign). 
    3)    Billing Info:    Payments are due by the 7th of the month to received your discounted tuition.   If payments are made after the 7th, regular tuition rates apply.   Statements are not usually sent out.  Please note it is your responsibility to pay your dancer's fees when they are due.   Drop your payment off in the office and give it to the office personnel.   We also provide the ability to charge your credit card monthly for tuition payments.   If you are interested in doing this, please see Miss Deanie.
    4)    Payment Types:    We accept cash, personnel check, VISA & Mast ercard.

  • Costumes/Recital
    1)    Costumes generally run between $75.00  to  $135.00.   Competition costumes can run higher.  The choreographer/instructor/director  picks the costumes.  Any special accessories not included in the costume cost will be billed separately on your finalized costume bill.  You will receive an itemized costume bill for the total costume costs plus your recital fee.  We will deduct your costume deposit from this &show you the remaining amount due on your costume.  For non-competition costumes, these bills will be mailed to you in February.  Competition costume bills are mailed much earlier in order to meet our competition schedule.
    2)    Costume Deposit-Non-Competition Classes:    Costume deposit(s) of $50.00 per costume is due in November for non-competition classes.  By paying your costume deposit you are making a commitment to participate in the recital.   You are also agreeing to pay the remainder of the costume balance.  Any extra charges incurred for special orders are payable by the parent.  All costume deposits/payments are non-refundable & non-transferrable.   Costume measurements are taken prior to ordering.   We make every effort to order the correct size for each student.   Any alterations are the responsibility of the parent.  Your dancer will receive a note in class reminding you of the costume deposit.
    3)    Costume Deposit-Competition Classes:    Competition Costume deposit(s) of $75.00 per costume is due in November.  Competition costume bills are due in December/January in order to meet the competition schedule.
    4)    Costume Payments:    Deposits are due on due dates that are specified.  Please make your costume payments as quickly as possible. 
    5)    Recital Fee:    A recital fee of $55.00 per child is due in February.   This will be billed with your finalized costume bill. 
    6)    Recital:    Students are strongly encouraged to participate in our year end recital.  Our recital is held in June.  We ask that you mark your calendar ahead of time to reserve this weekend.
    7)    Recital DVD's/Photographs:    Absolutely no personal videoing/flash photographs is allowed during the recital.   The studio owns the copyrights for the recital show.  We partner with a professional videographer to film the entire recital.  Parents/Guests have the opportunity to purchase a copy of our DVD.

  • Picture Schedule
    Dance photos will be made in the Spring, over a weekend, to be scheduled & announced.  Please mark your calendar as soon as the weekend is released.

  • Medical Insurance
    The studio does not carry medical insurance for it's students.  IIt is required that all dance /tumbling students be covered by their own family insurance and if injury occurs, it is understood that the student's policy is the only source of reimbursement.

  • Inclement Weather
    In case of inclement weather, log onto our website to check for scheduling.  Also call the studio for recorded message.   Classes missed due to inclement weather will not be made up.   There are no refunds or credits for missed classes.  We do not follow the public school closings.

  • Parental Release
    Pictures taken during class, at recital, at community events, competitions, picture day, DVD's etc are the property of To The Pointe Dance Company.  Any reproductions cans be used for advertising, marketing, website, etc for To The Pointe Dance Company.   You understand these can be used for these purposes.  There is no reimbursement given for the dancer's likeness.

  • Competition Invitation/Audition
    Letters of invitation are sent out to students qualifying to be considered for competition team.   New students with dance experience wishing to be considered for competition team must see us to schedule a time for an audition.
    Please read carefully the competition contract that is required to be signed by the dancer and the parent.  All rules in the competition contract are expected to be followed.  You are signing up to be a TEAM MEMBER.  Everyone is important on the team and everyone must give 1,000% to the team objectives.

  • Dancer's Waiting Room & Lobby Rules
    1)    No horseplay:    Parents are asked to keep students &waiting siblings from aggressive horseplay while in the studio.  Absolutely NO climbing, running or tumbling.
    2)    No acrobatics/tumbling:    Students should not be performing any gymnastics in the lobby or waiting areas.
    3)    No Pets:    No animals allowed.  Some of our students may have allergic reactions to pets.
    4)    Student Drop Off/Pick Up:    Students must not be dropped off any earlier than 10 minutes prior to class.  Students must remain inside until their ride arrives.  Please pick-up your child promptly after their class.  Please walk your child in & make sure they have gone inside their dance class room before leaving.
    5)    Students must remain in the building for safety reasons.  They are not permitted to stand outside of the building.  Please make sure they understand this. 
    6)    No student is to leave the studio without parental permission.
    7)    Please be courteous to fellow students/parents/teachers/guests.



Have a question?  Give Us a Call.  We will be happy to assist you.