Dance & Tumbling Programs

We offer programs to meet your needs.

Dance Program
Our Dance Program is designed to provide high quality dance instruction for students age 3 & older.   We offer a wide range of dance classes.  Our goal is to provide instruction to students whether dancing recreationally or desiring to pursue dance as a career.

Tumbling Program
Our Tumbling Program strongly encourages learning the proper technique in mastering tumbling skills.  This program is based upon level which is based upon skill set.   As students master their current level they are advanced to the next skill level.   Our goal is to constantly encourage our students to continue in advancing their personal skill level in tumbling.


Class Descriptions

To the Pointe Dance Company offers various dance classes.   Our staff is highly qualified in areas of dance & tumbling.

Below Lists the classes offered at To The Pointe.  Click on the class for a description of the class.


What are combo Classes?
Class meets once a week and 3 subjects/areas of dance are taught to the students during the year.    The subjects/areas are rotated so that 2 subjects areas are covered each week.  For example, a combo class of Ballet, Tap & Jazz, each week  2 subjects will be taught.   Subjects will be rotated during the month so that all subjects are taught and students are exposed to all 3 areas of dance.   Ballet taught in these classes are not strict ballet classes...For students interested in strict ballet classes, they should enroll in one of our ballet classes.


We reserve the right to cancel any class that does not have a minimum number of dancers enrolled.    We will contact you as soon as we see this is a possibility.  Other class options will be recommended.  We will also add classes to the schedule as need arises.